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Birthdate:Feb 28
Location:Georgia, United States of America

I'm 28 years old, and I live in Georgia. My goal in life is to be a published author. To cut my teeth in the writing world and to garner some feedback on my abilities, I also write Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction. My epic length story Forward to Time Past has won multiple awards and it is something of which I am extremely proud. I'm currently working on a romance I started for the help_haiti auction, entitled The Girl with Flaxen Hair. Not a lot of notice has been taken to it yet, so if you care to read it and if you enjoy it, I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback you have to offer. :)

My favorite currently running series is Dexter, so expect occasional comments about current storylines and a general squeeing over Michael C. Hall, whom I adore.

I'm also a fan of The Daily Show and the The Colbert Report, the latter of which I discovered by watching the former. Stephen Colbert has been my god ever since the White House Press Correspondents' Dinner, when he gave our current administration a much needed verbal thrashing.

Aside from writing, my favorite hobby is horseback riding. I own two horses, both Appaloosas, and I plan to thoroughly bore my lj friends with pictures of them. :)

Most of my personal entries are flocked for privacy purposes, but all fanfiction and fandom related entries will remain open. I friend easily, so please don't be shy in introducing yourself if we have something in common.

Note: This blog contains some material not suitable for persons under the age of 18. I will not be held responsible for minors reading these entries.

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My lj header was created by me. My profile username icon and the "Family Values" graphic were created by the wonderful [info]pfeifferpack. My mood theme is by gimcrack_icons. The "Colbert Nation" text was created by quaser_dilema. "Truthiness Never Hurts" is courtesy of faded-tea-cozy. "Stephen Smiling" is the work of stephs_shades. "Down in the Basement" and "Muchachos" is thanks to lay_of_luthien. "Stephen Dancing" is by clairequilty. And last, but not least, "Colbert Hates Bears" was made by faded-tea-cozy. Thanks to all of these talented artists for sharing their work. :-)
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